Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Obama, or not Obama- that is the question...

Well folks- Here comes a political plea from a non-political guy.

First of all, if you're voting for McCain, you don't have to read any farther- I'm not here to try and sway YOU guys and gals.

However, if you're voting for someone else OTHER than Obama OR McCain- PLEASE VOTE OBAMA!

I will tell you why. I personally, usually, vote independent. Not because I'm making a statement, it's just because one of the independents usually are closer to what I want to see in government.

However, with this election- since the republican or democratic nominee has a 95%+/- chance of being the next president: If you wanted to vote for Hillary, but don't like Obama and wont vote for him, OR if you're not voting for Obama for any other reason- YOU ARE ELECTING MCCAIN. 4 MORE YEARS OF A GEORGE BUSH-LIKE GOVERNMENT.

It's time for change. Yes, I know you want to make your voice heard, or you are upset at not getting Hillary, or you're upset in general at the democratic party and didn't like any of the canidates or their issues- but this is NOT the year to try and make our individual voices heard. We need to stand together as a collective and make sure the G.W.Bush Regime is cancelled before it's carried on by McCain! I'm NOT saying pull an entire democratic ticket vote- By all means vote for the other offices how you see fit- but for president- VOTE OBAMA PLEASE.

I want someone, ANYONE other than McCain in office. HOWEVER, if we don't all band together and vote for the ONLY candidate on the upcoming ticket with ANY chance of wining- McCain WILL be in-- and then I don't want to hear ANY of you b**ching about it for the next four years, when you could have done something about it NOW. :)

Please pass this on to all of your friends who aren't voting for McCain OR Obama already!

I am Eric Craig, and I approve this message! ;)