Wednesday, December 17, 2008

American Idol Dies!

Ok..Not the singing T.V. show- but yet another American Idol- or icon rather- died last week. I love all the old pinups and Olivia drawings of Bettie Page. I grew up sneeking peeks at her re-printed "bondage" trading cards my friends had, as well as some old 8mm film recordings of stripteases. Not Only a sex-symbol, Bettie could also be considered to be a frontrunner in the women's liberation movement. She is alwyas seen as a woman who took charge of her sexuality, and brought it into the limelight.

She died of a heart-attack while under a pneumonia-enduced coma. There are rare photos of her in her later stages of life, because she discouraged the taking of them, being quoted as saying "I want people to remember me as beautiful as I was."

Sexy, notorious, deviant, or empowering, however you think of her- she WILL be missed.

We love you, Bettie!