Monday, July 14, 2008

P*rn in 5 clicks?

I truly believe that porn is 5 clicks (or less) from ANY website, even religious ones. Now, I'm all for the sexual enjoyment of consenting adults to do and see what they want. But I don't want it coming to MY email box. If I wanna see it, I'll go look for it.

Who else wants to see an end to spam? And I believe it can happen. All we have to do is start a national "do-not-email" list, kinda like the don't call one. An advertiser just has to run that email list thru their bots before spamming, and bingo- no more spam for you if you're on the list.

I'm not naive, i do realise that there's ways to send emails and mask who it's from. This is where the law comes into play. MAKE all ISP's and the like directly responsible for any spam emanating from their servers. They will whine "well, we cant control what people send out!"- no they cant, but they can discover who sent what message -if the police came to them with a spam message, they can find the person who sent it, because they have to be logged on and registered with their ISP to send it, and then make THEM responsible.

Ok- what about the people who bounce ISP's? then EASY- make the company who's product/services being advertised responsible as well- and then shut them down for unsolicited mailing.

Now, a lot of people will scream "privacy rights!" and "anonymity will be gone!" However, if my daughter opens up a email in our family email account, and suddenly t*ts or p*ssy pops out at her in a photo or "click here for penis enhancement" link takes her directly to a site with not only penis enhancing, but links to other porn sites?, that kind of ad invasion is WORSE than an annoying telephone call during dinner- so WHY don't we have a "do not email" list????????

And also- wouldn't that be the advertiser allowing a minor to see pornography? Isn't that illegal already???- how does the spammer know the person at the other end of the email is 1- over 18(21), and 2- WANTS to see it? Why is this still legal??? Bars have to physically card people because of age-restrictions. Why do porn-spammers not have to? (I'm not talking about the "click her if over 18" websites- I'm talking about the porn that comes DIRECTLY to your inbox!)

And no- not all spam filters will catch all of that kind of crap delivered to your mailbox, so the companies cannot claim that I'm "not doing everything in my power to filter our email", when it doesn't work that way.

I cant tell every single ad company in the world that I want to opt out when there are new ones every day. DO NOT COME TO ME IF I DON'T ASK FOR IT. There needs to be a world-wide opt-OUT list.

simple as that.
Who's with me?

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