Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Paranormal website!

Yes, this is shameless self-promotion from good 'ol Eric, but, too bad. LOL

I started a new website-
the Paranormal Evidence Archive.

I will be collecting pics, video, audio, and weblinks on ANY and all paranormal activities. Meaning, not only Ghosts, but Bigfoot, Faeries, UFO's, and anything else, well, PARA-normal. ;) Don't worry, I'll sift thru things personally and decide if they should be posted or not. I can spot fakes or "iffy" pics pretty well. (20+ years of digital photo editing and photography experience)

If YOU have any pics, video or audio, please email it to me at
I WILL give credit for any evidence I collect. Please include time & place along with it. If you PERSONALLY didnt obtain the evidence, PLEASE include where you DID get it from.

ALSO- if you have any favorite paranormal sites on the net, send me the link- I'll give you credit.

If you are a member of ANY local (Indiana-ish) Paranormal group and would like to link to my site- send me your url and I will blog it in and promote you!

Why am I doing this? well, I have too many friends across TONS of different groups, that I could never personally join just ONE, so I want to be the "hub" (on the web, at least, without being in a silly "webring" LOL). And, I see a lot of good evidence on different group sites, but it takes a lot of time and searching on the web to find them all, I wanna help narrow that time down a bit.

Feel free to pass and post this email on to anyone or any group who might be interested as well- THANX!!

Eric Craig

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Rhonda said...

hey! There are all sorts of places in Putnam County around Greencastle. I am not sure of the names, but maybe you know them already. If you don't, let me know and i will find out for you! "hugs"