Monday, March 24, 2008

dood, chk meh 1337

Altho this is my "first" post here, I have many backposts on other blogsites that I will try to re-add here from time - to - time.


We've all used text-message abbreviations such as LOL (laugh out loud) and OMG! (oh my gosh) well as a million other shorthand typings to be able to send a message quicker "wnt 2 come ovr 4 sum food?". Oh and let's NOT forget all the damn smileys! >:) :) :P
Well, there are 3 other levels of "pseudospeak" that I'd like to share with you today.

The first, if you've ever browsed or seen any of the "LOL Cats" pictures, you'll recognise what I'm talking about-"wy yoo luking at meh? am eyes not preddy?" It's an extremely funny- and "cute"- way of captioning pictures with adorable kitties and puppies. However, I've seen it in chatrooms, on posts, and worse yet- even in private emails to yours truly!!! THATS a little annoying. I'm sorry, but it actually takes MORE time to try and type something grammatically in error but phonetically close to the original word. If you're just trying to be 'cutesy' or funny for a response, i say it's OK. but don't type like that for the WHOLE friggin email or post, it makes it look like your mother is your fathers sister. -for all you texters, that means "WT".

The second is the crazy capitalization. anD doNt sAy YOuvE NEveR SEen SomeOne TYpe LikE ThiS. Again, I don't know why- maybe it's the little 'emo' boys and girls trying to get across how distorted their thoughts really are. For those of you in the dark- "emo" is just this decade's way of saying "goth" aka, from MY generation,- "punk"....and for you emo kids screaming at me now, YES it is the same- don't be mad to suddenly find out you're not really all THAT original.

The last is a little more creative, but none the less annoying. "31337", or "1337" for short (pronounced ELEET / LEET...="elite"). It's the hackers and hard-core gamers way of getting info across to each other without any "n00bs" (new-bies) being any wiser. Well, that's how it STARTED OUT when i was back cracking code on the commadore 64. but now, every little geek who thinks they're the $#17 uses it. It's basically a way of using other characters that resemble letters. for example, i use it sometimes when i wanna cuss in an email (like "$#17" above) that's going out to 'family-friendly' people or places. instead of saying 'asshole', I'll type @$$#013. you can still sort of read the word (with a little imagination, the 3 is a backwards E, the 1 is an l, etc...) there are countless ways to type things out in 1337, some more convoluted and intricate than others. here is a basic "alphabet" in just some of the ways to type in this language:

A= 4 /-\ @ ^ /\
B= 8 ]3 ]8 3 8
C= ( {
D= ) [} ) } > [>
E= 3
F= # =
G= 6 9 (_>
H= # - (-) )-( }{ {-} /-/ \-\
I= 1 !
J= _ j
K= < { L= 1 _ M= /\/\ \/ [\/ N= /\/ \ \ O= 0 () P= D * >
Q= 0,
R= 2 ? -
S= 5
T= 7 + ']'
U= (_) _ \_\ /_/
V= \/ \ /
W= \/\/ /\ [/\
X= >< }{ X
Y= '/ %
Z= 2 z

So- anyone out there excessively use any of these???

! /\ ! l_ l_ ) 3 $ 7 ® 0 ¥ ¥ 0 _

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